199: Jonathan Braddock: Click Here When I Die, Making Things Easier For Those You Love

Jonathan Braddock

My guest in this episode is Jonathan Braddock. Jon is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and the founder and CEO of My Life and Wishes, an education and digital planning platform with a mission to help at least one million families become “thoughtfully prepared” for the inevitable, their own death.

End-of-Life planning is critical, yet most people put it off and rarely discuss it with their family. Not too long ago, life was less complicated and everything family needed to settle estates was in a few file boxes, people could put it off without serious consequences. Those days are gone. Far too many people cannot put their hands on critical documents, have digital files, paper files, scattered files – all of which are, frankly, a mess.

Jon has become the “Howard Stern” of death, making it entertaining and educational to audiences around the country, such as when he was featured on MSNBC. Jon is also a regular contributor to Success.com, Inc.com, and Business Insider. He is the author of “Advisor or Vendor”, “RetireEase” and the “My Life and Wishes Organizer” and his most recent release, “Click Here When I Die” is an Amazon Best Seller.

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