663: Annie Dickerson & Julie Lam: The Mentor Advantage

By Cashflow Ninja / March 1, 2021 /

My guests in this episode are Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam. Annie and  Julie are co-founders and managing partners of Goodegg Investments, a company that helps people invest passively in real estate syndications. Together, they have helped hundreds of investors around the country to invest passively in commercial real estate assets in strong, growing markets.…

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662: Seth Bradley: 5 Things Syndicators Need to Know About Their Operating Agreement

By Cashflow Ninja / February 22, 2021 /

My guest in this interview is Seth Bradley. Seth is real estate entrepreneur and an expert at achieving passive income as a highly paid professional. He’s closed billions of dollars in real estate transactions as a real estate attorney, broker and investor. He’s the managing partner of Law Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused…

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661: Dave Stech: The State Of The Union Of Real Estate & Private Lending

By Cashflow Ninja / February 15, 2021 /

My guest in this episode is Dave Stech. Dave heads up Stech Family Office with his two sons. Their family firm, Purpose Built Investments™ (PBI), is a real estate market timing company that invests exclusively in 3 things: real estate, private lending, and early-stage technology companies, including in their self-directed IRAs. Dave graduated from the…

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660: Bill Ham: Creative Cash

By Cashflow Ninja / February 8, 2021 /

My guest in this episode is Bill Ham, author of Creative Cash, the complete guide to master lease options and seller financing for investing in real estate. Bill is also the owner/operator of Phoenix Residential Group, where he has created a portfolio of over 1000 units with 15 years of experience in the industry. Bill…

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659: Dan Henry: Digital Millionaire Secrets

By Cashflow Ninja / February 1, 2021 /

My guest in this show is Dan Henry. Dan went from a broke college dropout who delivered pizza to creating a 10 million dollar online business. Now he is an 8 figure earner and a Wall Street Journal, Amazon, and USA Today Bestselling Author. Dan has also been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider and More. During his…

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658: Anthony Pompliano: Here Is What Is Next For Bitcoin

By Cashflow Ninja / January 25, 2021 /

My guest in this episode is Anthony Pompliano. Anthony is an American entrepreneur and investor. He has built and sold numerous companies, ran Product & Growth teams at Facebook and Snapchat, and invested over $100 million in early-stage technology companies. Interview Links: Anthony Pompliano Resources: Create A Strategy Become The Bank Join Our Community

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657: Amanda Holmes: The Dream 100 Strategy

By Cashflow Ninja / January 18, 2021 /

My guest in this episode is Amanda Holmes. Amanda is the CEO of Chet Holmes International, a company that has assisted over 250,000 businesses worldwide. The 12 Core competencies for doubling companies’ sales is based on the NYT Best seller “The Ultimate Sales Machine” (voted one of the top 10 most recommended sales books of…

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656: Bakkies Laubscher: In Pursuit Of Excellence

By Cashflow Ninja / January 11, 2021 /

In this episode, I interview my father, the REAl ninja, 9th Dan, Sensei Bakkies Laubscher. Sensei Bakkies Laubscher shares his journey of pursuing excellence daily in his craft in the martial art of traditional karate. Interview Links: Traditional School Of Karate Resources: Create A Strategy Become The Bank Join Our Community

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655: Tamar Hermes: Wealth Warrior Woman

By Cashflow Ninja / January 4, 2021 /

My guest in this episode is Tamar Hermes. Tamar is a full-time Real Estate Investor, educator, and money coach. She is the CEO of Wealth Warrior Woman, where she guides women to become financially free through Real Estate Investing and creating an empowering relationship to money. Tamar grew up poor as the child of a…

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654: Tom Wallace: How To Invest Like An Venture Capitalist & Angel Investor

By Cashflow Ninja / December 28, 2020 /

My guest in this episode is Tom Wallace. Tom is a  Founder, Investor, Start-up Expert, and Podcast Host. Tom is a 40 year veteran of technology startups, both as a founder and an investor.  Through the years, he has learned how rewarding investing in early-stage technology companies can be…and how challenging.  Tom is passionate about sharing his expertise…

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