208: Jack Butala & Jill DeWit: How To Create Cashflow From Land

Jack Butala & Jill DeWit

Jack Butala is a professional online real estate entrepreneur and has bought and sold/flipped over 15,000 properties, establishing him as an expert in the real estate investing field.

Since 1999, he has generated more than 20 million dollars without incurring leverage or taking on debt and currently holds properties all over the country and Canada.

Jack’s focus is on the acquisition of undervalued SFRs and undeveloped land and its immediate resale.

At the center of his success is utilizing real estate assessor data to implement blind offer campaigns.

Jack, who is an Author and Manager at several self-owned and created real estate flipping sites, the center of which is JackJill.com

Jill is a founding partner of JackJill.com, LandInvestors.com, LandAcademy.com, LandPin.com, ParcelFact.com, Offers2Owners.com and several other real estate acquisition tools. Her consummate analytical skills, unrivaled sales performance, and customer service experience have turned this start-up into a multi-million dollar real estate investment entity.

Jill is also a founding partner of LandAcademy.com, an online learning environment for real estate professionals seeking financial independence through the acquisition of real property. Jill shares her experience and knowledge to educate and coach LandInvestor’s 9,000 and growing member community.

As a writer and mentor, Jill shares her passion of helping others achieve wealth and personal goals. When she is not on the ground looking at potential land acquisitions she might be in the air looking at land while piloting a small plane.

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