035: Gene Guarino: How To Create Income Streams From Residential Assisted Living Housing

By Cashflow Ninja / August 8, 2016 /

  Gene Guarino is President of Residential Assisted Living Academy in Phoenix, AZ and has over 30 years experience in real estate investing and business. Today, Gene is focused on just one thing…..investing in the mega-trend of senior assisted housing. Having trained tens of thousands of investor/entrepreneurs over the past 25 years, he now specializes…

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034: M.C.Laubscher: Wisdom Wednesday: Why There Is No Security In Social Security

By Cashflow Ninja / August 3, 2016 /

  In this episode, we look at Social Security and other social programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. This episode is designed to be a wake-up call for anyone that is depending on Social Security and other social programs. I am ringing the alarm for anyone willing to listen! Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and other…

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033: David Sewell: Create Income Streams From Offshore Sustainable Agriculture

By Cashflow Ninja / August 1, 2016 /

  My guest today is David Sewell, the managing director of International Coffee Farms. With an extensive business background in private equity, venture capital and offshore David’s attention is focused on offshore hard assets in Latin America that offer real growth potential, with a sustainable income, and turnkey management in-place. David strongly believes in the future…

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032: M.C. Laubscher: Wisdom Wednesday! The Demographic Tidal Wave

By Cashflow Ninja / July 27, 2016 /

  In this episode I will discuss the  Demographic Tidal wave. This is a big trend that is going to impact the world and your life for the next 18 years whether you want to or not. The demographic tidal wave I am talking about is off course the aging baby boomer generation. The  Baby…

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031: Jeff Schneider: The Royalty Exchange, How to Create Income Streams from Royalties

By Cashflow Ninja / July 25, 2016 /

  Jeff Schneider is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Royalty Exchange and is on a mission to share the value of owning cash flow assets in any investment portfolio. He has an MBA from Purdue University with a focus on finance. There he taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in accounting and computer science.…

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030: M.C. Laubscher: Wisdom Wednesday: Money Masters Wealth Blueprint

By Cashflow Ninja / July 20, 2016 /

  In today’s episode I discuss the Money Masters Wealth Blueprint I have put together after studying and researching what the Wealthiest families and individuals on the planet do to create, build, grow and protect their wealth and hold on to it for generations.  I call these wealthy elite, the Money Masters. Tony Robbins have…

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029: Garrett Sutton: Covering Your Assets, Business Entity and Asset Protection Strategies

By Cashflow Ninja / July 18, 2016 /

  Garrett Sutton, Esq. is a nationally acclaimed corporate attorney and asset protection expert, who has written a number of books guiding entrepreneurs and investors. Garrett’s best sellers include: Start Your Own Corporation, Writing Winning Business Plan, The ABC’s of Getting Out of Debt, Run Your Own Corporation, Buying & Selling a Business and Loopholes…

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028: M.C. Laubscher: Wisdom Wednesday! Is Your House An Asset or A Liability?

By Cashflow Ninja / July 13, 2016 /

  Most people “save” the majority of their wealth qualified retirement plans and their homes. These are two Sacred Cows in society and financial planning.In today’s episode I critically examine the question, “Is your house an asset or a liability?”. I also discuss the concepts of home ownership and “saving” in general and analyze where we…

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027: Jeff Berwick: How to Survive and Prosper During the Coming Chaos, Bitcoin, and a Trip to Venezuela

By Cashflow Ninja / July 11, 2016 /

  I am honored to interview in today’s episode, Jeff Berwick. Jeff is an anarcho-capitalist, libertarian and freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks.  Jeff  is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante, CEO of TDV Media & Services and host of the popular video podcast, Anarchast.  Jeff is a prominent speaker at many…

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026: M.C. Laubscher: Wisdom Wednesday! The Case Against Qualified Retirement Plans, 401K’s and IRA’s

By Cashflow Ninja / July 6, 2016 /

  Today I am going to give you my honest opinion about a financial sacred cow, qualified retirement plans (401K, 403b, 457b and I.R.A’s). I have a very contrarian view that will be very different from what you have heard from your financial advisor, financial media, employer, family and friends. My goal is not to…

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