052: M.C. Laubscher: Wisdom Wednesday: Lessons From A Notorious Bank Robber


In this episode,  I review some of the philosophy, principles, and values of the show and also express my commitment to my mission and vision for my podcast and business. I also announce the new exciting format of our show! The Cashflow Ninja podcast will have three episode’s moving forward, two episodes will have guest interviews and one self-hosted. The publishing date of our shows are Monday, Wednesday,  and Friday.

I also discuss a lesson we can all learn from a notorious bank robber, Willie Sutton. When Willie Sutton was finally caught, he was asked why he robbed banks. Willie’s response floored the press and public. “That’s where they kept the money.”.

We look at where the money is right now and how the modern day bank robbers are possibly going to try and steal your money from you.


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