Bonus Episode: Louis O Connor, Matthias Rüth & Maximillian Vogler: Investing In Strategic Metals

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My guests in this episode are Louis O Connor from Strategic Metals Investing, Maximilian Vogler, and Matthias Rüth from Tradium.

Founded in May 1999 by Matthias Rüth. The initiative to start a company came from Matthias Rüth’s many years of experience as a commodities trader at the then DEGUSSA AG and the knowledge gained about the exciting future of strategic raw materials. Soon, the company grew with the increasing relevance of its products, in order to serve the increasing interest of private investors in technology metals and rare earths, the sister company METLOCK GmbH was founded in April 2011, which allows industry as well as private customers to store raw materials.

In order to continuously optimize the quality of company processes and product standards, ISO 9001 certification was introduced in 2003. REACH registration followed in 2018 and thus the company’s investment in compliance with environmental protection guidelines as well as open communication along the retail chain.

In 20 years of company history, the one-man company has become a renowned, medium-sized, owner-managed company with best contacts with producers and industry. The core team, consisting of family members and long-time colleagues from the industrial sector, has remained stable, which has made TRADIUM a constant in the field of strategic raw materials.

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