Bonus Episode 3: 2020 Reset, Recalibrate & Reinvent Live Stream

2020 Reset, Recalibrate & Reinvent Livestream

In this Live Stream, I interviewed friends, partners, people I see as my mentors. The economic crisis we have been preparing for is here but came in a form that no one could anticipate. A global pandemic that shut down the entire global economy.

Several hurricanes are about to hit landfall at once, a medical crisis, an economic crisis, and a financial crisis that will evolve into a retirement and pension crisis.

This is an unprecedented moment in history.

You can be a victim of this or you can accept what has happened and what is about to happen and prepare, and position yourself, your family, your business and investments to not only survive with but thrive. This new world will bring opportunities and value creation opportunities that we did not even think could be possible.

We discuss, what is going on, what is coming down the road and what they are doing and what you can do to prosper.

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