Bonus Episode 2: Tim Francis: How To Prepare For The Coming Cash Crunch

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My guest in this episode is Tim Francis. Tim is an award-winning Entrepreneur.  He’s originally from Canada and now lives in downtown Austin, Texas.

He’s been a guest lecturer at NYU in New York City, and has appeared on the Forbes and Inc Magazine websites.

His company, Profit Factory, helps Entrepreneurs become more profitable.  He does this two ways: private consulting and teaching workshops.

In his private consulting, he helps Entrepreneurs to lead more effectively, understand their financials, and make clear decisions “by the numbers.”  To date, he’s personally advised over 100 companies, even saving a handful from bankruptcy.  His biggest win so far?  In just 74 days, Timothy helped an internet company find $472,000 in pre-tax profit.  Not revenue, but $472,000 in profit.  Laughing, Tim reports, “I wish I would have charged a percentage of the upside.”

Tim teaches a 3-day workshop called Know Your Numbers, which is for Entrepreneurs who hate Accounting, but want to get their financials under control.  Amidst the panic of the pandemic, he’s also released a free mini-course called Navigate the Cash Crunch, outlining the 3 steps any Entrepreneur needs to take to make it through tough times.  You can get this mini-course for free at

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