793: Abby Broyles: The Importance Of Asset Protection

Abby Broyles Shares The Importance Of Asset Protection

My guest in this episode is Attorney Abby Broyles. Abby is the founder and managing partner of LegalSphere. She handles the majority of consultations to provide clients direct access to her and ensure everyone is off to the ground running with a plan customized to them. She also serves as counsel for a luxury real estate company and is an investment legal contributor on YouTube.

Abby understands business, because she is a businessperson just like you.  Abby started her first small business at age 18 as a professional writer before she graduated from college with her degree in journalism and began her on-air television career at age 20.  Abby won numerous awards for investigative journalism and was featured in documentaries on the Investigation Discovery channel and Netflix for international stories she covered. She spent most of her television career in her hometown of Oklahoma City. She continued to work full time as an investigative journalist and anchoring the morning news while putting herself through law school full time. She was a member of the Law Review and graduated with honors from the Oklahoma City University School of Law.

Upon passing the bar, Abby opened her own private practice and joined a film production company focused on intellectual property as an attorney and philanthropic director.  While running a busy practice, she won the nomination for United States Senate in 2020, challenging Oklahoma’s longest serving US Senator. Running for statewide office allowed Abby to work closely with small business owners to understand their needs, resonating with the entrepreneurial spirit she’s always had herself. Abby’s personal and professional philosophy has always been to dream big and work harder. And that’s the mantra at LegalSphere – to protect you and your family and make your business and investment goals come to life.

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