776: John Van Der Giessen: Experienced, Diligent & Conservative Multi-Family Strategies

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My guest in this episode is John Van Der Giessen. John is a man who defies easy categorization. Born and raised in rural Idaho, John grew up with a deep love for the outdoors, a respect for hard work, and an unwavering sense of independence. These qualities would serve him well in his life’s journey. John went on to become a professional athlete, playing professional rugby in the French Top 14 league and the English Premiership. John proudly represented the United States in two Rugby World Cups and earned a captaincy role during that time. With his rugby boots collecting dust in the garage, John has since gone into entrepreneurship and real estate investing.

He currently holds a role as partner and vice president at REM Capital. REM Capital owns and operates nearly 4,000 units across 7 states with over 120 teammates. John’s superpower is to help individuals and organizations become the best versions of themselves while living with integrity and values.

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REM Capital https://www.remcapital.com/

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The 21 Best Cash Growth Niches

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