775: Keith Weinhold: Single Family Real Estate Turnkey Market Update

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My guest in this episode is Keith Weinhold. Keith shakily made his first-ever home in an Anchorage, AK fourplex building in 2002. He knew nothing about landlording and made embarrassing mistakes. Once he figured it out, he coined the concept that real estate often pays investors five ways. In 2017, he became a best-selling author.

In 2019, he was awarded three real estate trademarks. A Forbes writer and active member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, Keith is an in-demand expert on buy & hold real estate investing.

He iterates that “Financially-Free Beats Debt-Free®”. Keith transacts 100+ properties annually. He is best known for his very popular Get Rich Education podcast, with 3+ million listens in 188 world nations.

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