686: Dave Allred: How To Intentionally Create Financial Freedom Through Cashflow Investing

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My guest in this episode is Dave Allred. Dave launched a highly successful 17 year career with Vivint, the nation’s largest smart home security company, where he served 8 years as a regional Vice President of sales followed by 3 years with sister company Vivint Solar where he’s led over 100 sales teams across the country contributing to both companies eventually going public with multi-billion dollar valuations.

Dave now consults several small to medium size high growth businesses across the country helping increase profitability and expand their businesses through executive business consulting.  Dave also created his unique “Lifestyle Design” program focused on living life fully with freedom and purpose.

Dave first started investing in real estate 15 years ago and has since scaled his business into an impressive portfolio of multifamily and commercial real estate across the country.  His extensive experience includes single family, multifamily, joint ventures, hard money lending, equity and debt sourcing, self storage, senior housing, flips, land acquisition and entitlement, distressed acquisitions, inline retail, venture capital, and syndications.

At age 30 Dave committed to building a portfolio with ownership in 1,000 rental doors by age 40.  Having executed this goal, he’s now launched Axia Partners, a new real estate fund focused on creating wealth through recession resilient passive income.  His passion lies in helping inspire others to gain financial freedom through lifestyle investing, being a professional adventurer, and living life all in.

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