666: Alicia Jarrett: How To Create Global Real Estate Cashflow Virtually

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My guest in this episode is Alicia Jarrett. Alicia is a passionate and driven global real estate investor based out of Australia and conducting deals in the USA. She has multiple businesses with her partner Matthew, including Global Citizens Holding Inc (an investor business), Landscouts (Land wholesaling and investing), and Supercharged Offers (Acquisition marketing services for all real estate investors!). Focused on investing in land and providing business efficient real estate marketing solutions and world-class data solutions, which assists other real estate people to digitally transform their business for increased results.

Alicia is also an experienced Leadership, Executive Coach & Business management specialist.

Alicia has worked with many leaders including Entrepreneurs, Business owners, CEOs, coaching these leaders across elements of resilience, people strategy, leadership, organizational development; Alicia has a passion for seeing others lead well and succeed in their businesses and teams – even more so in real estate investing as this can often be a skill set that is amiss!

This combination of global experience and having an entrepreneurial mindset sees Alicia excel at building and growing business partnerships, providing business and leadership advice, coaching and enhancing results for others. A truly passionate and people-focused leader who really does love all things real estate and travel!

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