655: Tamar Hermes: Wealth Warrior Woman

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My guest in this episode is Tamar Hermes. Tamar is a full-time Real Estate Investor, educator, and money coach. She is the CEO of Wealth Warrior Woman, where she guides women to become financially free through Real Estate Investing and creating an empowering relationship to money. Tamar grew up poor as the child of a Holocaust survivor and had no idea how people got rich. By chance, she stumbled upon Real Estate investing and became obsessed with the world of finance.

Today, she coaches clients across the country and blogs for BiggerPockets, while hunting for her next deal. Tamar’s desire is to support women to be free to choose how they spend their life and have the means to afford whatever they desire for themselves, their families, and others. She believes Real Estate Investing is the best way to grow wealth. She recently relocated from Los Angeles to Austin where she is enjoying the small city life and no state taxes!

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