628: Darius Mirshahzadeh: The Core Value Equation

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My guest in this episode is Darius Mirshahzadeh. Darius is an Inc. 500 CEO, ranked number 40 in Inc. 500 in 2007, with 2500% plus revenue growth in three years of his business, Twin Capital Mortgage. He was ranked #9 in Glassdoor’s Top Ranked CEO’s in America for small to medium businesses. He has participated in many great programs, such as Birthing of Giants at MIT, Gathering of Titans at MIT, and he is a graduate of the World Renowned Stagen Integral Leadership Program. He has spoken on some big stages.

He is a crazy mad scientist CEO. He has grown companies from startup to just under a thousand employees in under three years and is an expert at core values. He has a new book, The Core Value Equation, which is being released to the world in September.

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