583: Ashley & Kyle Wilson: Building & Scaling Your Real Estate Portfolio With A Powerful Team

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My guests in this episode are Ashley Wilson, and Kyle Wilson. Ashley and Kyle,  are the Co-Founders & Co-Owners of Ace High Partners, Bar Down Investments, LLC, and have almost twenty years of combined real estate experience. Specifically, they have been involved in over 40 million of multi-family properties consisting of over 449 units in Texas and Ohio. The Wilsons have invested as both limited partners and general partners which has provided good insight on the overall ownership of apartments. Ashley’s speciality is with asset, lender, and construction management, investor relations, marketing, and business organization, while Kyle’s is in acquisition, sales, market research, negotiation, underwriting and deal structuring. Collectively, they oversaw a 124 unit value-add project with a ~1.7million CapEx budget, yielding a $150 per unit increase in rents.

Ashley & her father, Tom, also have a very successful high-end flipping business in Pennsylvania, HouseItLook LLC, which handles several million in transactions annually. Prior to Kyle’s real estate ventures, he played professional hockey all over the world, including organizations in the NHL, KHL, AHL, NLA, SHL and the DEL. He received a degree in physics from Colgate University, and is currently a PA licensed realtor. Ashley previously worked in research and development for several pharmaceutical companies (Sanofi-Aventis, Wyeth, and GlaxoSmithKline). Prior to resigning from the pharmaceutical industry, she led a 5 million dollar project, which included managing 17 Global Project Managers as the Director of Project Management.

Her experience in this role, coupled with her experience running a high-end flipping company in Pennsylvania, while living in Europe, demonstrates her exceptional ability to manage projects from afar. Ashley was featured on BiggerPockets and InvestHer Podcasts, is a regular presenter at her local REI groups, as well as leads an InvestHer sub-group. Outside of real estate, she has almost 15 years of experience in fundraising for both private and the non-profit sectors, and has started three business in two different sectors.

When the Wilsons are not building their business, they enjoy spending time with their family, including their two daughters. Additionally, Ashley enjoys competing with her horse, WOW!.

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