573: Charles Spitzer: How To Use A Captive Insurance Strategy For Your Business


My guest in this episode is Charles Spitzer began his career in 1977 with the international CPA firm of Peat Marwick, now KPMG. His practice was centered in financial institution work. In 1983 he started a CPA and business advisory firm based in the Dallas Fort Worth area that became a specialist in financial service organizations, with an emphasis in insurance entities. He grew that practice to become one of the top 25 CPA firms in Tarrant County. In 2003, he sold the CPA practice and joined a Dallas based financial service organization, serving as an equity partner and Chief Financial Officer for the affiliated group of companies.

During his tenure with the financial service organization, he became proficient in the planning aspects of using 831 (b) captive insurance companies as an effective risk transfer vehicle. After successfully assisting clients in the implementation of the strategy, he made the decision and founded Captive Insurance Group, LLC.

His significant experience as a tax professional with significant insurance experience brings expertise to the implementation of the captive insurance strategy from both a regulatory and tax perspective.

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