544: Antoine Martel: A Millennial’s Guide to Real Estate Investing


My guest in this episode is Antoine Martel. Antoine is a real estate entrepreneur from San Mateo, California. His proven real estate investment strategies have enabled countless clients realize passive income and financial freedom through out-of-state turnkey rental properties.

Martel Turnkey specializes in assisting first-time and veteran real estate investors purchase cash flowing rental properties in a wide range of markets across the U.S. Since its founding, Martel Turnkey, with Antoine Martel at the helm, has sold well over $11 million worth of cash flowing real estate.

While still a student at Loyola Marymount University, Antoine had already begun immersing himself in learning the real estate industry, absorbing everything he could about real estate investing; how to set up a team, networking, calculating the numbers, recognizing good deals and much more.

Before he’d even graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship, Antoine had already secured multiple cash-flowing properties for the new family business, Martel Family Realty, which evolved into what is now Martel Turnkey.

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