537: Max Porterfield: High Grade Base Metals Mining Exploration Opportunities


My guest in today’s episode is Max Porterfield. Max is the CEO, President, and Director at Callinex Mines Inc.

Max is going to share more information on mining exploration companies and more specifically mining exploration opportunities for high-grade base metals such as copper and zinc.

Precious metals such as physical gold and silver should be part of anyone’s portfolio. I look at those two precious metals as wealth insurance. Gold & Silver have been money for centuries.

Another way to get exposure to gold and silver is through exchange-traded funds such as GLD & SLV. I do not do that but you can do that. We have some listeners that is part of Minesh Bhindi’s program trading covered calls for stock market cashflow on GLD & SLV.

Another type of exposure is to have a small speculative bucket for mining and exploration stocks because it has enormous upside potential.

I am super excited to learn more about this from Max today.


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