525: Trevor McGregor: The 7 Step Blueprint To Extraordinary Real Estate Success


My guest in this episode is Trevor McGregor. Trevor is a High Performance – Master Coach with over 20,000 one to one coaching sessions under his belt.  He has worked with clients from around the world, including Fortune 500 executives, high level real estate investors, entrepreneurs, world-class athletes and business professionals and they all come to him for one reason:  Life-Changing Transformation.

In addition to running his own private coaching practice, Trevor was a Master Platinum Coach with the Tony Robbins Group, offering elite coaching unlike any other program in the world.

Trevor is also an active Real Estate Investor holding assets in his portfolio that range from many different asset classes in Canada, the US, Costa Rica and even as far away as Australia.

Trevor’s passion is coaching Real Estate Investors and to date, Trevor’s clients have bought over 1 BILLION Dollars, worth of Multi-Family apartments in the past few years alone.

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