498: John Carney & Bryce Robertson: 10,000 Miles to the American Dream


My guests in today’s episode are John Carney and Bryce Robertson.

John Carney joined The Landmark Companies in 2016 after seven years of living with his family in Australia. He returned to Cleveland to work on new development and acquisitions for The Landmark Companies.

John is an experienced real estate investor and developer in Australia, Indonesia, and multiple markets in the United States. He founded American Property Source while living in Melbourne, Australia and helped hundreds of Australians successfully invest in cashflow positive real estate in Phoenix, Arizona and Atlanta, Georgia.

Bryce Robertson is a real estate investing entrepreneur, syndicator, educator, best selling author, world traveler and adventurer. Bryce is an Australian native, with over 20 years experience in large commercial construction projects, real estate and business. He has traveled to 60 countries, over 6 continents, expanding wisdom and prosperity. Through operating business in 5 countries, over 3 continents, Bryce realized first hand, the abundant opportunity that exists here in the mighty U.S of A. Bryce began his investing career with a net worth of negative $50,000 (yes, negative), unseasoned credit, and only $2,000 in the bank. Now Bryce is a full-time investor, syndicator, and educator.


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