487: Chad Hudson: How To Use Your Business To Create Liquidity For Passive Real Estate Investing


My guest in this episode is Chad Hudson. Chad is the owner and founder of Savoy Companies which specializes in buying, selling, building, remodeling and owner-financing real estate since 2000. Chad, as the sole owner of Savoy, has done over 100+ transactions and held over 40+ rental properties. Over the years, Savoy has moved away from Single-Family, Condos & small multi-family to passively investing in large apartment syndications. Chad’s current business strategy is to continue investing in apartment syndications and move into a sponsorship role while continuing to grow his custom home business known as Savoy Builders.

Chad has been involved in several syndications as an investor currently holding 2,047 units worth $158,350,000 MM and now as a general partner raising capital.

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