475: Lori Vines: How To Avoid Pitfalls Investing In Syndications


My guest in this episode is Lori Vines. Lori is the founder of Streams Investing and is a savvy investment specialist who has dedicated nearly her entire career to real estate. Lori became involved in Real Estate on the mortgage auditing side in 2003, holds an active Real Estate license since 2006 and began investing, both actively and passively herself, in 2013. To date Lori is an equity partner in 3,275 doors in multi-family, 1760 units in Self Storage and is participating in Mobile Home Parks acquisitions as well as holding her own rentals. Lori has been a strategic partner with Thompson Investing and have helped provide investor funds to experienced partners to purchase over 92M in acquisitions in the multi-family, self-storage, and mobile home asset classes. Lori helps accredited investors achieve their investment goals with a smooth customer experience while helping our Sponsors continue to grow and deliver healthy returns for investors. A true win-win!

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