459: Lobo Tiggre: The Education of a Speculator


My guest in this episode is Lobo Tiggre. Lobo is the founder, CEO, and principal analyst and editor of Louis James, LLC. He researched and recommended speculative opportunities in Casey Research publications from 2004 to 2018, writing under the name “Louis James” for privacy reasons. While at Casey Research, he learned about the newsletter business from Casey co-founder David Galland, and resource speculation from the legendary speculator Doug Casey himself. Prior to his work at Casey Research, Lobo was a writer and publisher involved in numerous ventures. In 1998, he published his first novel, Y2K: The Millennium Bug. In 2012, he co-authored Doug Casey’s first book in almost two decades, Totally Incorrect. This was followed by another book co-authored with Doug Casey in 2014, Right on the Money. Tiggre has plans for several new books going forward, both fiction and non-fiction.

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