423: Garrett J. White: How To Master The Art And Science Of Having It All


My guest in this episode is Garrett J. White. Garrett is the founder of the Wake Up Warrior Movement, Author of the Best Selling Book WARRIOR BOOK, Creator of Warrior Week, and Host of the top-rated podcasts Warrior On Fire, Warrior Wealth, and Date Your Wife.

What started as a desire to set himself free from the bondage of his own failing life after the banking crisis of 2008, soon transformed into the launch of a Global Movement in Late 2012. The Warrior Movement is quickly changing the business world we have known for decades using an unconventional method for living and producing as a modern man known as the Warriors Way.

Garrett is extremely intense and passionate about waking up the warrior that is inside all of us. His energy levels is enough to get anyone out of their daily state and get them to start breathing again and seeing endless possibilities and opportunities.

He has also build an amazing business and I have personally learned a lot by following and studying what he is doing and especially his marketing since I think there is so much we can learn from him and I am super excited to have him on the show and have you learn alongside me from Garrett.


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