422: Ellie Perlman: How To Boost Multi Family​ Investment Returns


My guest in this episode is Ellie Perlman. Ellie is a real estate investor who owns over 2,000 units across the US worth over $250MM. Ellie is the Founder and CEO of Blue Lake Capital, a real estate investing firm specializing in multifamily investments. At Blue Lake Capital, Ellie helps investors grow their wealth and get double-digit returns by investing alongside her in large multifamily deals they usually don’t have access to.

Prior to founding Blue Lake Capital, Ellie was a commercial real estate lawyer and a property manager. Ellie is the host of the podcast,“That REllie Happened?! Unbelievable Real Estate Stories,” and also a contributing author for Forbes. 

Ellie graduated from the MBA program at MIT and holds a Masters in Laws.  Ellie started her career as a commercial real estate lawyer, leading real estate transactions for Africa-Israel – Israel’s largest development company. Later, as a property manager for one of Israel’s most prominent oil and gas companies, she oversaw properties worth over $100MM. 


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