415: Yonah Weiss: How To Increase Your Real Estate Cashflow Through Cost Segregatio​​​n & Bonus Depreciation


My guest in this episode is Yonah Weiss. As the Business Director for Madison SPECS, LLC, Yonah will provide you with expert, engineering-based cost segregation studies. 

Cost Segregation is an Internal Revenue Service-approved process for reclassifying real estate components and improvements to accelerate depreciation deductions, defer taxes and improve cash flow. 

Madison Specs in-house team of accountants and engineers combine tax and engineering strategies to analyze construction contracts and building plans in order to identify those assets that qualify for accelerated depreciation for tax purposes. 

The benefits of the significant tax deductions from Cost Segregation include:

Maximize annual depreciation 

Reduce upfront income tax costs 

Lower cost of capital 

Improve cash flow 

Improve shareholder value.

Ability to write-off individual assets in future when removed.


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