414: L​ior Gantz: A Look At The Markets, Economy & Opportunities In 2019


My guest in this episode is friend of the show, Lior Gantz. Lior’s father went bankrupt 3 times by the time Lior was 22. At 32, Lior became a self-made millionaire without any formal education. He has done it through implementing specific principles in businesses and investments.

His story includes failing and recovering, years of working 12-hour days, 7 days a week, countless books that he read to guide the way, and a relentless pursuit of sharing the ideas he uncovered.

Lior has a wealth of knowledge at creating successful businesses. His investment philosophy marries the timeless strategies of deep-value investing with cutting-edge sectors, such as natural resources, blockchain tech, and cannabis legalization.

His nickname is the “GlobeIonaire” thanks to his non-stop traveling, visiting over 40 countries and experiencing the most adventurous attractions of each location. He has scuba dived with sharks, sky-dived, climbed to the top of volcanoes, and rafted in whitewaters.


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