380: Gregory Mannarino: An Update On The Economy & Markets From The Robin Hood Of Wall Street


My guest in this episode is Greg Mannarino. Known as “The Robin Hood Of Wall Street,” Greg is an active/full time trader of the capital markets with a world-wide following. He became interested in “Wall Street,” like many others at the time, in 1987 after seeing the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas. Around that time he was able to get an entry level position, then subsequently to the trading floor, at the now-defunct bank Bear Stearns, but within a relatively short time realized that working on Wall Street was not like the movies and he moved on. He went on to get a medical degree and practiced medicine as a Physician Assistant beginning in 1996, and is now retired from practice. Greg also served in the United States Naval Reserve Medical Service Corps, having attained the rank of Lieutenant. He published a book on casino Blackjack strategies and has been banned from playing the game in Las Vegas casinos.


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