374: Janine Yorio & Jesse Stein: How To Invest In City Specific Real Estate Funds In The World’s Best Markets


My guests in this episode is Janine Yorio & Jesse Stein from Compound.

Janine has over two decades of experience at the intersection of real estate and consumer brands. She was previously head of acquisitions and development for Andre Balazs’ Standard Hotels, and before that was a portfolio manager at real estate private equity firm NorthStar Capital.She has managed over $250 million in multifamily and residential condo investments. Over the course of her career, she has managed over $2 billion in real estate investments.

Jesse oversees real estate investment and operations, and new products for Compound. Previously, Jesse was a founding member and Chief Operating Officer of ETRE Financial, a real estate information technology company where he developed a trading platform specifically designed for real estate securities and partnered with Nasdaq on a series of REIT Indexes. He has a background in real estate acquisitions for REITs and also equities trading. He is a graduate of Cornell University and also holds a Masters Degree in real estate investment from NYU.

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