371: Todd Langford: A Closer Look At Term, Whole Life & Universal Life Insurance


My guest in today’s episode is Todd Langford from Truth Concepts. Revealing the truth behind the numbers has been a trend in Todd’s life as he and his late partner Norman Baker developed financial calculators. Time and time again, Todd found himself faced with some very strong opposition to his point of view.

Though many of these financial people had more than 30 years of experience and training in financial planning, Todd had something they lacked – PROOF! His calculators proved definitively whether a plan was viable or not. Seeing the truth in black and white literally shifted the paradigm of these financial experts.

Todd also offers 3 day Truth Training events available to anyone who wants to tell the whole truth about most of the financial strategies and products in the marketplace.

In today’s conversation, we are going to look closer at life insurance and the different types and also look at the truth about different life insurance vehicles since just as with all financial products, there are a lot of half-truths shared and sold to the public and because of that many people are not aware of what they have, or that the insurance vehicle will actually do what they think it is supposed to do.

I also have received e-mails from listeners asking if Universal Life Products such as Index Universal Life (IUL), and Variable Universal Life (VUL) can be utilized in the Infinite Banking Concept and Cashflow Banking Strategy. We only use a dividend paying whole life insurance policy with a mutual insurance company for this strategy for many reasons which some of them will be shared and discussed today.


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