337: Brad Chandler: Helping You Find Freedom Through Real Estate Wholesaling & Investing


Brad Chandler has successfully flipped over
2,100 houses since 2003. He is currently the CEO
of Express Homebuyers – a real estate investing empire that does more than 200 deals per year without his assistance. Brad wrote How to Wholesale Real Estate for Profits Without Bank Loans to help others achieve their real estate investing dreams.

He became passionate about real estate investing in 9th grade when he read a book about how to buy a home with no money down.

Brad says his interest in real estate can be traced
back to his childhood, when his mom had less than $4 in her checking account and was supporting 3 children as a single mom – he knew then he never wanted to be without a home. Now he helps others invest in themselves and their community through real estate wholesaling.

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