332: Gena Lofton: The Financial Freedom Formula


My guest in this episode is Gena Lofton. Gena is the founder of Passive Income Advisors (PIA). PIA helps high income professionals achieve financial freedom faster with a proven methodology, “The Financial Freedom Formula F3”. The proprietary methodology is a step by step system which enables anyone to replace their higher taxed income with tax efficient passive income by using debt and reducing one’s taxes.

Thousands have successfully used the formula to achieve financial freedom and it is the same formula which Gena used to acquire over 4,000 apartment units, a Hilton resort, assisted living facilities, oil and gas ventures, junior mining, technology, and telecommunication (e.g. AT&T) assets.

Prior to founding PIA, Gena transformed many Fortune 1000 companies while at Ernst & Young Management Consulting until the sale to Cap Gemini in 2002 for $11 billion. She spent nearly a decade as part of the management team of DIRECTV, which led to the sale to AT&T for $48.5 billion in 2015. She is the author of Escape the Madness, The, 10 Steps to Get Out of the Rat Race.

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