330: Jacob Ayers:The Real Estate Way To Wealth and Freedom


My guest in this episode is Jacob Ayers. Jacob is a young professional, real estate investor and a host of The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom – a top rated business podcast.

Jacob’s journey started when he graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in fire protection and safety engineering. After college Jacob moved to Houston, Texas and dove into the corporate world of terrible coffee, KPI’s and the monotony of a 9-to-5 life.

Jacob excepted his lifestyle because he truly enjoyed the work. He always had a neck for building things both physical and intangible and a passion to help people solve problems.

Wanting more control over his life Jacob set out to engineer a lifestyle he had always dreamed of.

Jacob bought his first rental property at 25 years old and quickly transitioned into buying small multi-family properties.

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