325: Gene Guarino: Cashflow Opportunities In Residential Assisted Living


My guest in this episode is Gene Guarino. Gene is the founder/CEO of Residential Assisted Living Academy™. Gene has trained thousands of investors / entrepreneurs throughout the United States how to invest in and operate residential assisted living homes. For over 25 years he has been educating people on the strategies of successful investing, business and self-employment.

If YOU Want to Know How to…

☑Achieve a Level of Security That Affords You the Lifestyle You Desire

☑Create an Executive Level Cash Flow and Make a Positive Difference

☑Gain Access to the Next Significant Wave of Real Estate Investing Opportunity

Gene Can Help YOU.

With 77,000,000 baby boomers, there is an unstoppable “silver tsunami” of opportunity in senior housing.

►10,000 People a Day Are Turning 65

►4,000 a Day Are Turning 85

►70% Will Need Special Accommodations for an Average of 3 ½ Years

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