320: Kenneth Ameduri: Enormous Opportunities in Automation & Artificial Intelligence


My guest in this episode is Kenneth Ameduri. Ken is the chief editor and co-founder of financial publication letter CrushTheStreet.com. He was a founder of Future Money Trends and Wealth Research Group, which have gone on to be vital sources of education and wealth for hundreds of thousands of readers. In his 20s, Kenneth has founded multiple businesses that have gone on to be worth millions of dollars.

Kenneth was also a founder of FMT Advisory, which successfully manages millions of dollars in client funds. He is an ardent student of Austrian economics and anticipating market trends as he has successfully invested and built companies for more than 15 years. Kenneth spends his time relentlessly analyzing resource, tech and other sectors, uncovering areas in which equity can be captured and a profit can be made. Kenneth is passionate about sharing the lessons of success and failure that have led him to where he is today through his work published weekly at CrushTheStreet.com.

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