308: Jarrod Glandt: How To Expand Your Business With A Ninja Sales Cycle


My guest in this episode is Jarrod Glandt. Jarrod is Vice President of Sales at Cardone Enterprises and co-host of Young Hustlers on GrantCardoneTV. Having learned from Grant Cardone in person, Jarrod is helping over 80 million millennials with challenges of entering the workforce by providing tips and strategies to accelerate growth and increase revenue.

A sales expert, Jarrod has helped thousands of individuals and businesses master their pitch. At 21 he got a job selling print and online advertising and quickly became the #2 rep in the country making $150k/year. A millionaire millennial, Jarrod tells others to chase their dreams, to chase opportunity, to get skills, and to keep grinding. He has helped Cardone Enterprises skyrocket sales with exponential growth every year since 2010.

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