304: Mitch Plowman & Leo Kanell: How To Get Unsecured Lines Of Credit Up To $200K For Business & Investing


My guests in this episode is Mitch Plowman and Leo Kanell from Fundwise Capital.

Mitch is Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at Fundwise Capital. He has been responsible for massive growth through all departments of the company, leading to 10x-ing the business in 2017.  Previous to Fundwise Capital, Mitch has organized multiple sales organizations as well as managed and implemented sales processes. He has successfully generated multiple leaders within the Fundwise organization, bringing knowledge of sales and leadership. He is also the co-host to the 7 figures podcast, which guides individuals down their own seven figure journey. He sets out with a goal in mind to continue the Fundwise way by bringing happiness to the clients as well as having the desire to see those around him thrive and succeed.

Leo is CEO & Co-Founder, he has been responsible for nearly $300 million in funding for clients across the country. What started out as just a need to crack the funding code for his own businesses, became a passion to help teach entrepreneurs to secure the very best funding so they have a chance to turn their enterprising dreams into the truth. Leo received leadership and business scholarships while studying finance at the University of Utah and has created multi-million dollar finance companies. Leo is the CEO & Founder of Fundwise Capital and the author of the best selling book, the Business Funding Formula. Leo is passionate about providing funding tools, startup education and growth solutions for entrepreneurs everywhere. He loves philanthropic causes, family and learning from everyone he meets.

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