282: Mike Hambright: How Actionable Education, Coaching, Mentoring and Masterminds Can Help You Achieve Success


My guest in this episode is Mike Hambright. Mike is a Real Estate Entrepreneur.  He has purchased hundreds of houses over the past few years, along with his wife, Lindsay.  Mike is a professional rehabber, wholesaler, and owns a rental portfolio of single family homes.  Mike has mentored and coached other investors that are known to have purchased about 3,500 houses.Mike is also the founder of FlipNerd.com, the leading social platform for real estate investors in America (over 70,000 subscribers), founder of PassiveRental.com, which helps people find, finance and buy rental property portfolios as passively as possible, in markets across the country.Mike also mentors and coaches real estate investors to find financial freedom though real estate investing via The Investor Machine (www.theinvestormachine.com), a best in class real estate investor coaching program.

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