279: Brian Fouts: Teaching The World How To Invest Like The Rich


My guest in this episode is Brian Fouts from the Elevation Group. At the Elevation Group, they empower people through knowledge and education about finance and investment.

They dive into the world of the rich, into the homes of some of the wealthiest people on the planet who are willing to let them learn from them, and they let their customers look over their shoulder as they learn what they refer to as the secret “black-box investment strategies of the rich.”

The cool thing is that, even though these are the strategies used by the rich, you don’t have to be rich to use them (even if you come from a family that never had any money, and even if you are dead broke living in an apartment).

After people join The Elevation Group, they have an entirely different mindset, they’ll see the opportunities they see, and they’ll have the knowledge to take advantage of them.

I have also partnered with the Elevation Group & Make More Marbles with Brad Hart to bring a Crypto Currency course to our listeners, you can start by watching a free webinar at www.cashflowninja.com/cryptocourse

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