275: Jason Medley: How To Use The Power of Masterminds To Take Your Business & Life To The Next Level


My guest in this episode is Jason Medley. Jason is the CEO and Founder of The Collective Genius Mastermind. The Collective Genius brings together 110 of the nation’s top real estate investors on a quarterly basis to brainstorm about housing market changes and to share their most intimate secrets, strategies, resources, and systems.

Through this sharing, the members of the “The Collective Genius” thrive regardless of housing market changes or economic fluctuations and live life freely on their own terms, by their own rules.

Members create businesses together, they lend and borrow money from each other for deals.

They join as financial partners to blow up their self-directed retirement accounts with TAX-FREE DOLLARS.

They maximize profit dollars by systematizing inefficiencies and share inventory sources.They embark on joint ventures on educational products.

And above all else, they figure out how to do it all while still having control of their time.

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