193: Keith Wasserman & Josh Satin: How to Capitalize on the Renting Renaissance through Multifamily Syndication

Keith Wasserman & Josh Satin


Keith Wasserman founded Gelt Inc. in 2008 during the height of the recession and financial meltdown. Keith has been involved in the acquisition of several commercial, industrial, and residential properties mainly in the Western US and now totaling over $1 billion in assets.  As co-founder of Happy Home Communities in 2017, Keith added the manufactured home venue to the growing list of entrepreneurial ventures he’s involved in. He oversees the company’s operations, marketing, investor relations, acquisitions, leasing, development, and disposition services.

Keith not only leads Gelt’s charitable giving program but recently he and Damian Langere formed The Gelt Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public non-profit, whose focus is on helping renters avoid eviction and stay in their apartments during an unexpected financial emergency.

Josh Satin joined Gelt in 4th quarter 2016 and has already been instrumental in several acquisitions as well as helping spearhead Gelt’s foray into the Manufactured Home arena. As Gelt’s Acquisition Manager, Josh seeks out, negotiates and helps finalize the purchase of properties to add to Gelt’s ever-burgeoning portfolio.  He has also been instrumental on the investor side both in building and supporting our Gelt’s relationships and also in identifying new investors for select deals.

Josh is a two-time All-American baseball player who was drafted by the New York Mets after completing his degree in Political Science from UC Berkeley in 2008.  He played parts of four MLB seasons before retiring in 2016.  Josh brings with him many years of organized team development, support and vision and is a true asset to the Gelt team.

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