181: John Larson: Turnkey Opportunities In Texas & Missouri

John Larson


My guest in this episode is John Larson. John started in real estate at the age of 17 flipping houses with his family. He worked on the crews doing manual labor and learned what it took to properly renovate a home. From there, he became a real estate agent in Michigan and worked at the #1 brokerage in the entire state.

While at Max Broock Realtors, John worked with some of the largest investors in Michigan to build multi-million dollar rental portfolios. Through the connections he made, John landed a position at a large investment fund as an Acquisitions Manager, where he focused on investment opportunities in Michigan, Missouri & Georgia. John and his team purchased nearly 400 assets in one year.

While working in Missouri, John crossed paths with the team at American Real Estate Investments. The team at AREI was impressed by John’s youth, enthusiasm, and track record in the single-family rental space, and invited him to join their team. Knowing that AREI was a large, fast-growing producer of single family rental properties, John jumped at the opportunity to become their Sales Director.

In John’s first six months at AREI, he purchased, renovated, and sold over 150 properties in St. Louis and Kansas City, netting the company more than one million dollars. Today John is a Managing Partner at AREI, where he continues to help grow the company into one of the best turnkey real estate providers in the entire country. His passion for real estate and his clients makes John a leader in single family rental community.

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