164: Kevin Day: How To Protect Your Assets Internationally and Domestically



My guest in this episode is Kevin Day. Kevin is the Founder of Day & Associates Incorporated and one of the leading estate planning and international asset protection planning attorneys in the United States. Kevin has authored numerous books on the subjects of lawsuit protection, offshore money strategies, asset protection, tax havens and privacy planning.  His extensive expertise in the field of lawsuit protection makes him a frequent guest speaker at conferences and seminars throughout the country.  A skilled lecturer, he often speaks about the benefits and uses of domestic and international asset protection.  Since entering the international asset protection practice arena in 1992, Kevin has been engaged not only by noted actors, athletes, and numerous high net worth individuals, but also by many small-business entrepreneurs and individuals who need lawsuit protection and privacy on a smaller budget.  Kevin has the unique and valuable ability to ascertain the particular needs of each client and to customize an asset protection plan to meet those needs.

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