129: Gena Lofton: Security Based Lending


My returning guest in this episode is the inspirational Gena Lofton. Gena provided so much value in Episode 54 for my listeners! In this episode, we discuss a strategy Gena uses in her own life to have the same dollar have multiple uses, a strategy called, Security based lending.

This strategy teaches how to leverage your stock portfolio to buy more cash flowing businesses and assets.

According, to Wells Fargo “a securities-based line of credit helps you to meet your liquidity needs by unlocking the value of your investments.

This type of borrowing may be easier to obtain and more cost-effective than other alternatives. It depends on whether you have sufficient eligible securities to use as collateral.

Some of the advantages of securities-based borrowing include:

  • Access to cash when you need it
  • Typically lower rates than other forms of credit
  • No set-up, non-use, or cancellation fees
  • Ability to borrow between 50% to 95% of your eligible assets, depending on the collateral and type of credit you receive

These lines of credit can be used for many purposes. Common uses include:

  • Real estate purchase
  • Expenses such as taxes or tuition
  • Boat, car, or other luxury purchase
  • Business opportunity

You can use a non-purpose securities-based line of credit for any purpose except to purchase, carry, or trade securities; refinance or repay margin loans; or repay any other loan used for securities purchases. A margin account is the only securities-based line of credit you may use to purchase securities.”

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