118: Wisdom Wednesday: How To Invest In Life Settlements


In this episode we are going to look the investment vehicle of Life Settlements. Life Settlements for those not familiar with the asset class is a sale of an existing life insurance policy by the policy owner to a third party for more than the cash surrender value of the life insurance policy.

Because the cost to buy a policy is so high, this investment has historically been available to institutional investors only. Many large companies (e.g., Berkshire Hathaway, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank) have invested in Life Settlements for years to supplement their portfolios due to the high yield potential, low risk and non-correlation to the performance of the financial markets.

These investments are now available to mid and high net worth investors through private placements, private policy portfolios, and private policy investments.

If you are interested in receiving more information on Life Settlement investments, please contact me at info@cashflowninja.com.


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