094: Wisdom Wednesday: Why Compound Interest Is OverHyped


In today’s show we are going to look at why compound interest is so overhyped and if compounding interest is not the key to kingdom, what is? In the financial universe, compound interest has been sold as the Holy Grail by financial professionals. Letting your money compound over time has been the single most well-known piece of conventional wisdom in personal finance.

I would agree that compounding has its advantages in the short term but there are financial challenges when you truly look into compounding in the long term. Your money earns more money, compounding over time, interest produces more interest and your money grows in an exponential manner.

That is very powerful and I am on board with this and I love it when my money and wealth is compounding – it is fantastic, your money is working for you and if you read Rich Dad Poor Dad, you learned that you want your money working for you. So I am not saying that compounding interest is a bad thing – I am however going ask you to look at the disadvantages of it as well to fully understand this concept.


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