087: Alan Williams: 10 Principles of Money Mastery


My guest in this episode is Alan Williams. Few experts understand how to solve the financial problems facing most people like Alan Williams, a nationally published author, speaker, and personal financial mentor with a 38-year background in corporate management and finance. In 1994, he combined his financial experience with that of Peter Jeppson, to form Time & Money LLC, a Utah-based service company specializing in financial literacy and principle based money management. Along with Peter, Alan is known as a leading expert in the financial literacy industry using his extensive knowledge in debt restructuring, insurance, tax law, and estate organization to provide unique inter-related training between all areas of personal finance. Alan is a principle author and developer of Money Mastery, a financial literacy, and coaching program that helps individuals and families get in total control of their finances, and the co-author of Money Mastery:10 Principles That Will Change Your Financial Life Together.


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Money Mastery

Recommended Book:

Money Mastery: How to Control Spending, Eliminate Your Debt, and Maximize Your Savings by Alan M. Williams  and Peter R. Jeppson


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