033: David Sewell: Create Income Streams From Offshore Sustainable Agriculture



My guest today is David Sewell, the managing director of International Coffee Farms. With an extensive business background in private equity, venture capital and offshore David’s attention is focused on offshore hard assets in Latin America that offer real growth potential, with a sustainable income, and turnkey management in-place. David strongly believes in the future of “specialty” coffee, for example, as one of the most likely asset classes to realize spectacular investment gains over the next 20 years.

David is actively engaged in the specialty coffee industry from Boquete, located 40 minutes north of the city of David, in the province of Chiriqui, Panama. Through International Coffee Farms.

In August 2012, David was instrumental in the development of the specialty-coffee farm parcel ownership business model currently in use by International Coffee Farms. Since that time, with Darren Doyle’s assistance as of September 2015 they have placed about 720-0.5 acre farm parcels with about 200 Owners.


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