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Colin Murphy

197: Colin Murphy: Real Estate Turnkey Cashflow In Florida

By Cashflow Ninja / September 8, 2017 /

My guest in this episode is Colin Murphy. Colin is the Director & Co Founder of a real estate firm called Torcana which buys, renovates and sells high cash flowing rental properties in Tampa Florida. Aside from being the in house “number cruncher” for Torcana, Colin spends most of his time bidding on property auctions,…

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Keith Wasserman & Josh Satin

193: Keith Wasserman & Josh Satin: How to Capitalize on the Renting Renaissance through Multifamily Syndication

By Cashflow Ninja / August 30, 2017 /

Keith Wasserman founded Gelt Inc. in 2008 during the height of the recession and financial meltdown. Keith has been involved in the acquisition of several commercial, industrial, and residential properties mainly in the Western US and now totaling over $1 billion in assets.  As co-founder of Happy Home Communities in 2017, Keith added the manufactured home venue to…

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Dave Zook

185: Dave Zook: How To Create Income Streams From Resort Investing

By Cashflow Ninja / August 11, 2017 /

Dave Zook is a successful business owner and experienced real estate investor active in the Multi-Family Apartment space and resort community development with real estate holdings in several states and several countries. Dave has purchased over $100 Million worth of real estate since 2009 and has over 2700 Multi-Family Apartments in his portfolio. Together with…

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